President Sejdiu hosted a dinner for KFOR and KSF leaders

Republic of Kosovo’s President Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu hosted tonight a dinner for KFOR and KSF leaders. The Minister of Kosovo Security Force, Mr. Fehmi Mujota, the Deputy Minster of KSF Behxhet Brajshori, the COMKFOR, General Giuseppe Emilio Gay, the KSF Commander, General Lieutenant Sylejman Selimi, and other senior KFOR and KSF officials were present.

Expressing his high considerations for the work and commitment of KFOR commanders and soldiers to peace and security in Kosovo over the last ten years, President Sejdiu said that all KFOR members have provided an extraordinary contribution to the prevalence of peace, security and stability in Kosovo.

“Kosovo Security force is being developed under NATO’s highest professional standards and we believe that soon it will become an important factor of stability in the region and, why not, a partner of NATO in its peacekeeping missions around the world”, President Sejdiu said.

On the other hand, COMKFOR General Gay affirmed that KFOR’s motto in its engagements was the professional work and the creation of a peaceful and safe environment in Kosovo, but also the creation and fostering of friendship with all in the country, be it institutions, be it members of all ethnic communities living here.

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