Sejdiu: Kosovo’s arguments supporting its independence are invincible

On behalf of the people and institutions of our country, the President of Republic of Kosovo, Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu expresses his great acknowledgement for the decent representation that institutional representatives of Kosovo Skender Hyseni, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Sir Michael Wood and his associates have staged at the International Court of Justice.

Hereby, President Sejdiu thanks all the countries that have and are still supporting Kosovo in the course of these international court proceedings, emphasizing that the arguments that were presented to support the independence of Kosovo are viable and invincible.

“Positive developments that occurred in Kosovo following the declaration of its independence, in addition to other recent historic, legal and modern evolutions in the country and to its being a sui generis case, add on to these arguments, which are based on the political will of the people of Kosovo.

Kosovo has proven itself to be a country of a sustainable stability, a country embraceable by all its citizens, a country where rights of minority communities are respected according to highest standards. It is a country that has assumed the responsibilities of an important partner in fostering peace, stability, neighborliness and joint cooperation in the region.

The very international recognition of Kosovo, its accession to international institutions (such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fond) as well as partnership and bilateral relations that it has established with other countries indicate Kosovo’s headway in developing itself as a sovereign, independent and democratic state.

Kosovo has and still believes in international justice and expects that it these proceedings will end soon by respecting the will of the people of Kosovo and the positive reality that has been created in the sovereign and independent Kosovo” – President Sejdiu said.   

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