Kosovo supports President Obama’s decision

Joint statement by the President of Republic of Kosovo, Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu, and the Prime Minister Hashim Thaçi following the United States President Barack Obama’s speech on further steps in Afghanistan and Pakistan held last evening at the West Point US Military Academy in New York.

Retaining a high appraisal for the United States’ and NATO’s commitment to peace, security and stability in the world, the people and institutions of Republic of Kosovo support President Obama’s decision to send additional military troops to Afghanistan and Pakistan in order to root out Al-Qaeda and to prevent its return to these countries in the future.

As an important partner in fostering and keeping peace in the region and beyond, Kosovo strongly supports the decision taken by the United States, whose overriding objective was and is to create a better and safer world for the people around the globe.

Kosovo institutions consider that investment that the United States and NATO have made and are still making in Afghanistan and Pakistan will contribute to peace and stability in these countries and in the entire region.

We are convinced that, in a relatively short term, this mission will enable Afghan and Pakistani authorities to provide for security and stability in their own countries and in the region by themselves and to accomplish thus their objective of establishing local institutions and ensuring a long-lasting peace and an overall prosperity in their countries.

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