Remarks of the President of the Republic of Kosovo, Madam Atifete Jahjaga, delivered at the opening ceremony of the Mini-Olympics 2013, for children with disabilities

It is a great pleasure to be among you today and to open together this year’s Mini Olympics. This event, which is signing its ninth year, marks the importance of inclusiveness and of offering equal opportunities to each member of our society.

I would like to thank OSCE for the continuous support it has provided to the organization of Mini Olympics for years, as well as the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety, who, through its contribution, is building a safer and a more inclusive society. I also want to thank the Kosovo Paralympics Committee, who undertook the initiative for organizing this event.
Especially, I would like to thank and greet the families and friends of the youngsters who are participating at this Olympics, their mothers and fathers, who take care of their children and who have raised them to consider themselves as equal to others, challenging all the prejudice and taboos with which they are faced every single day.
It is this tireless hard work of theirs that motivates these youngsters, despite all the difficulties and barriers, to never stop dreaming and to continue to reach for their dreams, towards a better and a safer future for themselves.
Today, each young participant at this Olympics, through sports, is sending the message of human courage and of dedication, which they are carrying with pride, on their still tender shoulders.
Today, they are sending the message that strong will, can break all the barriers and can help overcome all the difficulties. When there is dedication one can reach his or her own dreams and enjoy each opportunity which life presents.
Today, they are teaching us a lot!
It is on the same bases on which we are aiming to build our state, a democratic country and an inclusive society where each citizen is guaranteed and ensured equal rights and opportunities to become an active member of the society, to be offered choices and opportunities to utilize ones own potential.
We are dedicated and we are working very hard towards creating an inclusive society, not an excluding one, which offers equal opportunities and is responsive to the requirements and needs of all its citizens, regardless of their differences.
We are dedicated towards building a state in service of its citizens, where each one of you does not hesitate to dream and pursue to make your dreams a reality.
In your eyes, today I see a brave and a fighting spirit and an eagerness to start the Olympics as soon as possible. Therefore, without any undue prolongation, I would like to tell you today that each one of you is a winner. Good luck and lots of success.

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