President Sejdiu receives the Albanian Ambassador Islam Lauka

The President of Republic of Kosovo, Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu, received today the Republic of Albania’s Ambassador to Kosovo, Mr. Islam Lauka, with whom he discussed developments in the country and the region.


President Sejdiu reassured Ambassador Lluka of Kosovo people and institutions’ appreciation for the constant support that the Republic of Albania has and is providing to our country.
“The Republic of Kosovo will remain forever grateful to the Republic of Albania for the great support that it has provided to our country during all processes thus far”, President Sejdiu said during the meeting with Ambassador Lauka.
President Sejdiu also expressed his appreciation for Albania’s support during major processes that our country is going through, especially following the unequivocal and clear-cut opinion of the International Court Justice about the independence of the Republic of Kosovo.
In this context,  President Sejdiu underscored the continuous engagement of the highest officials of the Republic of Albania in  ensuring as many new recognitions for Kosovo as possible, by visiting and reaching out to the states with which Albania maintains a close cooperation, at a time when, according to the ICJ opinion, they have no reason to fall behind in recognizing the youngest state.
President Sejdiu and Ambassador Lauka also talked about the growing cooperation between Kosovo and Albania on all fronts and ways to boost this cooperation towards the complete integration of both states and the entire region into international institutions.
On his part, Ambassador Lauka reaffirmed Republic of Albania’s unreserved support to Kosovo during major processes that our country is going through.

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