President Thaçi visits a Montenegrin family, discusses coexistence between communities

Gorazhdec, May 18th, 2016 – President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi paid a visit today to Besovic family from the ranks of the Montenegrin community, in Gorazhdec, Peje.

Accompanied by the Ambassador of Montenegro to Kosovo, Radovan Miljanic, President Thaçi said that we are building a European and multiethnic Kosovo with modern standards of coexistence.

“In a few days, Montenegro will mark the 10th anniversary as an independent sovereign country, a country that is on the verge of membership into NATO, and Kosovo’s goal and vision is to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. We in Kosovo are building a new Kosovo, a European Kosovo, a multiethnic Kosovo of modern standards of coexistence”, President Thaçi said during his visit to the Montenegrin family.
He said that we are building Kosovo as the homeland of all its citizens, Albanians, Montenegrins, Serbs, Croats and all other communities. “I came here to pay a visit to the Besoviq family to look closely at their problems, concerns and needs in Gorazhdec, a multiethnic village inhabited by Montenegrins, Serbs and members of other communities”, President Thaçi said.
The head of state stated that in Gorazhdec, but also in the surrounding areas, but also throughout Kosovo, the citizens have lived in a peaceful coexistence regardless of their ethnicity, with understanding for each other, working and living together, sharing problems and concerns which they have solved jointly.
“I am fully confident that we will all invest together to build a new Kosovo, to build a secure future with better wellbeing for citizens”, President Thaçi said.
He also promised help to ensure better living conditions for the Besovic family and stressed that as President of the Republic of Kosovo he remains committed to serve all communities, all citizens of the country, to build civic democracy.

“There is a full consensus across the political spectrum that with the initiation of the constitutional amendments in Kosovo, the Croat and Montenegrin communities will also be included as constitutional categories in our republic, through the process of positive discrimination, so that other communities will also be represented in the Assembly and in the institutions at local level”, President Thaçi said.
The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi said that he will visit members of other communities as well and called on all those who have left their homes, Serbs, Montenegrins etjc., to return to their homes and properties, because Kosovo belongs to all its citizens, regardless of ethnicity, and that we all need to build a common future.

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