President Thaçi: This is the new Kosovo we are building

Prishtina, December 31, 2016 – The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, participated today at the ceremony of the opening of the connecting joints of villages Konjuh and Babush on Route 6 “Arben Xhaferi”.

At the conclusion of this year, President Thaçi said that this is the best gift that the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo can give the state, but also for all the citizens of the country.

Assessing the project, the President stressed that this European project proves that dreams are becoming reality.

“This is our new Kosovo which we are building, it is the project of a European Kosovo, a modern Kosovo. This is the project which shows that we are making dreams reality, we are implementing ideas and projects”, stated President Thaçi.

This modern highway and historically absent, according to President Thaçi, today is becoming reality thanks to the joint work and dedication.

“Today, Kosovo has turned into a model of modern road infrastructure in the region, all this is done thanks to the joint work, joint efforts, joint success. I wish that all the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo and the region enjoy this modern highway historically absent for us”, said President Thaçi.

Whereas, the President of the Assembly, Veseli, assessed this highway as the foundation of great economic transformation that the Republic of Kosovo will have in the field of economic development.

“This is the foundation of these investments in infrastructure, the foundation of the great economic transformation itself, that the Republic of Kosovo will have in the field of economic development. Without this foundation, we shall not be able to imagine the major economic transformations concerning not only the movement of people, but simultaneously the movement of goods. This highway will carry millions of products towards the European Union market”, said the President of the Assembly, Veseli.

For Prime Minister Isa Mustafa, the inauguration of this important part of the highway “Arben Xhaferi” was of fundamental importance.

“For me it is of fundamental importance that we have achieved such a great job this year and last year, that we are inaugurating today a significant part of this highway”, said Prime Minister Mustafa.

Whereas, this inauguration of the first segment of the largest infrastructure project in the country on the last day of the year is not a conclusion of the year for the Minister of Infrastructure, but the opening for circulation of a third of the highway Prishtina-Hani i Elezit.
Also participating at the inauguration were other ministers of the Government of Kosovo, Mayors, MPs and Ambassadors of various countries accredited in Kosovo.


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