President Thaçi: The USA, EU and NATO, the essence of Kosovo’s foreign policy

Pristina, December 19 – The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi participated at the opening of the Conference of Ambassadors of the Republic of Kosovo.

The President, from the outset, has congratulated the Ambassadors of Kosovo, for their work in presenting the interests of the state and the citizens of Kosovo in the world.

He stressed that all are familiar with the challenges, which they face every day – from financial constraints up to the need for larger diplomatic capacities.

But, according to him, for a moment we should look back, where we were then when we started everything and where we are today. The President has said that together a clear foreign policy has been managed to be articulated, identifying the interests of the state and the mechanisms to achieve goals.

“We have made it clear that the future of Kosovo is membership in the EU and NATO, and our foreign policy is committed with all its strength for the realization of this aspiration”, he added.

The President has said that Kosovo, within less than a decade of the functioning as an independent state has managed to successfully consolidate its statehood, operating in a incredibly anarchic international environment.

Despite all this, according to him, it has been achieved that within these years to increase the number of countries that have recognized Kosovo’s independence.

“We have also been successful in the accession into regional and international organizations and this has encouraged us to aim even more organizations and other forums”, he said.

Making a balance for 2016, the President said that it has been particularly successful for our representation in the international sports arena.

“We have been accepted in many important sporting federations, such as UEFA and FIFA and for the first time we participated at the Olympic Games in Brazil and did not return empty handed. The best Ambassador of Kosovo, the best sportswoman of Kosovo, Majlinda Kelmendi, rasied the flag of Kosovo high and made us all proud by winning the gold medal”, he added.

In front of the Ambassadors of the Republic of Kosovo, President Thaçi stressed that peace, dialogue, cooperation and good neighborly relations, tolerance and coexistence between communities regardless of their affiliation, the rule of law and prosperity, are our guiding values.

“These are the values that are the essence of our idea of the state and society. These values, more than anything else, make us part of the big European family despite the unjust treatment made to us today by the European Union”, he added.

The President also spoke about the special relations with the United States of America, the close cooperation with the member states of the EU and NATO and Kosovo’s neighboring countries, which are the essence of foreign policy.

He reminded that the international arena has never been more tense and threatened by risks of different natures.

The President has requested from the Ambassadors to jointly be attentive and to undertake preventive actions against certain ideologies and tendencies which are totally unacceptable for our state and society.

“Extremist and radical ideas, regardless from which ideology they have their starting point, discriminatory ideas against communities or certain individuals or groups, are unacceptable in our society. Precisely because of these circumstances, your role, honourable Ambassadors is irreplaceable”, he stressed.

During the annual conference, he has said that the Ambassadors will have the opportunity to openly talk about all the challenges, but also about the opportunities that Kosovo has to reaffirm its role among the free people of the world.

“Therefore, I wish good luck during the coming days of the conference and much success in your noble work in the service of the Republic of Kosovo”, said the President at the end.

The Conference of Ambassadors, organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo, is attended by all the Ambassadors of the Republic of Kosovo and numerous guests from different countries of the world.

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