President Thaçi: The great friendship Kosovo has with the USA will remain strong

Prishtina, October 16 – The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, attended the festive reception for the signing of the Threshold Agreement with the Millennium Challenge Corporation between the Republic of Kosovo and the Government of the United States of America.

On this occasion, President Thaçi said that I am glad we gathered here today to mark the signing of the agreement between Kosovo and the USA on the MCC grant.

“I had the honor to be in Washington for signature and this honor became even greater when I realized that the Agreement we signed was the first time being organized at the American Congress building. Also present at the signing ceremony were Republican and Democrat leaders of the Congress and numerous guests”, affirmed President Thaçi.

He, further said that this signing ceremony but also the MCC grant itself proves one reality.

“This message we have also given to Vice President Pence a few weeks ago in Washington:

That no matter who is in power in the US, the strategic alliance and the great friendship Kosovo has with the United States of America stands and remains strong”, stressed President Thaçi.

He said that Kosovo has managed to become free, to become independent and is now getting stronger as a state with the unwavering US assistance.

Among other things, President Thaçi said that this evening is the evening that makes us proud because the MCC grant is already being functionalized. The Government of Prime Minister Haradinaj is completing the detailed steps of the functionalization of the implementing entity.

“The focus on energy and government transparency is appropriate and these projects will bring many benefits. 49 million dollars do not solve Kosovo’s problems, but the joint work will enable the creation of a positive climate and concrete steps that boosts the confidence of other investors”, added President Thaçi.

He said that he expects the Government and all the institutions really to work on this grant to be fully implemented and to try to absorb other tools as well from the MCC and other foreign investors as soon as possible.

President Thaçi, expressed his gratitude to the American Embassy, USAID in Kosovo, the Kosovar team led by Petrit Selimi, for the great joint work.

“I have followed all project development steps and this Agreement is a miracle that ran in record time with a positive approach from two partners and two eternal allies”, he stressed.

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