President Thaçi requires greater commitment to protect and inform the victims of violence on the right to compensation

Monday, October 17, 2016 – The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, took part today at the conference “Justice and recovery for the victims”, which is organized by the State Prosecution.

In the context of the measures that have been undertaken for the construction of a dignified state, President Thaçi said that there is also the issuance of the Law on the Compensation of Crime Victims and after that there is also the establishment of the appropriate mechanisms which are necessary for the implementation of this law.

“In the course of the objectives and the constitutional and legal obligations, I take the opportunity that at this conference, where the marking of the week for the rights of victims is starting, to invite all the competent authorities, that towards the constitutional and legal obligations to ensure that crime victims to be treated with professionalism, respecting the right to security, dignity, their private and family life and recognizing the negative impact of crime on the victims of crime”, said President Thaçi.

He has invited all the relevant institutions to do even more to inform the citizens about their right to compensation.

“The Ministry of Justice, the medical and social institutions, the police, prosecution and courts must work more that the right to be known by as many citizens as possible and make awareness campaigns and other forms of public information, where the citizens will have the necessary information regarding the procedures for the realization of the right to compensation at their disposal”, he said.

By reminding and protecting them, President Thaçi said that we help crime victims therefore by establishing and functionalizing the right to financial compensation for victims of acts of violent crime and their dependents, we will help Kosovo to be built as a state, where human dignity is an inviolable value and is the basis of all fundamental human rights and freedoms.

Part of the conference “Justice and recovery for the victims”, which this year holds the slogan “1 week awareness, 365 days service”, were the Minister of Justice, Dhurata Hoxha, the State Prosecutor, Aleksandër Lumezi, the Ambassador of the United States, Greg Delawie, as well as numerous representatives of judicial institutions from the central and local level.

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