President Thaçi met the young people from Kosovo and Serbia: You are an example of reconciliation!

Prishtina, November 04, – The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, received today around 30 young people of the Youth Initiative for Human Rights (YIHR), from Kosovo and Serbia.

In a joint conversation with these young people, President Thaçi has spoken about the relations Kosovo-Serbia and about the process of the normalization of relations between the two countries.
President Thaçi emphasized that the young people in Kosovo and Serbia are contributing to the dialogue and that such a forum is promissory that the two countries and people shall overcome the hundred year old conflict.
“Through such initiatives, the young people in both countries have moved far ahead of politics. You are committed to build a secure European future of cooperation, development and prosperity between our citizens”, said President Thaçi.
President Thaçi was asked by the young people from Serbia and Kosovo about the process of the dialogue on the normalization of relations.
After 100 years of problems and conflicts, President Thaçi said that we have managed to sign agreements for the normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia in April 2013 and this was a major achievement.
“I hope that we will have an empowerment of the dialogue, with higher political priorities in the near future between Kosovo and Serbia, which would also result with a treaty or agreement of peace, neighborliness, friendship and reconciliation”, added President Thaçi.

The President has also been asked about the missing Albanians, Serbs and of the other communities during the last war in Kosovo.
He said that he does not want the country to remain hostage of history, but to have a strong base to build a secure future of cooperation.
“Our 100 years old past between Kosovo and Serbia has been with problems, conflicts, animosity and hatred. The pain is the same to the one whose husband has been killed, regardless of ethnicity. The necessity exists to solve the issue of the missing once and for all, which is also a humanitarian issue. At the meeting I have had with the two organizations representing the families of the missing, with the Albanian organization and the one of the missing Serbs, I have requested that this issue should be addressed urgently in Brussels”, said President Thaçi.
When asked about the barricades that had been set some time ago over the river Ibër in Mitrovica, which have already been removed, President Thaçi said that their removal was the result of the dialogue process in Brussels.
“It is the result of the dialogue which has taken place between Kosovo and Serbia. The opening of the new border crossings is also a success and is the result of mutual discussions”, he added.
President Thaçi was also asked about where he sees Kosovo after 10 years.
He has said that Kosovo will be part of NATO and if it will not be an EU member, it will be on the verge of joining the family of European countries. 

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