President Thaçi: KFOR has strengthened the peace in Kosovo and the entire region

Prishtina, November 15 – The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi participated today at the KFOR change of command ceremony from General Major, Giovanni Fungo to General Major, Salvatore Cuoci.

In his speech, President Thaçi thanked Major General Giovanni Fungo for his work to strengthen peace and stability in Kosovo, and wished the new KFOR Commander, Salvatore Cuoci, good luck.
According to him, the time General Fungo served as KFOR Commander, been a time of important developments in Kosovo.
The President said that during this time, Kosovo has held two pair of successful elections and has continued the full integration process of the northern part of Kosovo in the state of Kosovo
We have successfully completed these two processes, but in the course of their realization we have faced great challenges that have threatened security in Kosovo. KFOR’s commitment, with determination but also with caution, has contributed to the avoidance of any incident or violence”, added the President.
He expressed his gratitude to the entire KFOR force, to all soldiers who have served and are serving in it. The President has said that KFOR continues to enjoy the highest trust of all the citizens of Kosovo.
“As I have said last year as well, KFOR in Kosovo not only maintains peace but also builds peace. And by strengthening the peace in our country, it builds peace in the entire Balkan region”, he stressed.
The President said that Kosovo remains committed to the dialogue with Serbia and we seek a new agreement that will pave the way for full normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia.
He also talked about the KSF, the President emphasized that thanks to the cooperation with KFOR and NATO in general, the KSF is today a professional, multiethnic force in the service of all the citizens of Kosovo.
This Monday I participated at the promotion ceremony of five new KSF sub-officers, all of them from non-majority communities. This is another step towards fulfilling our aspiration for a professional and multi-ethnic force. The KSF is now ready for new competencies and for a new mission”, he added.
At the end the President decorated General Fungo with the Military Medal for Service in Kosovo.

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