President Thaçi hosted Chief Diplomat of Norway, discussed about preserving the peace and stability in the region

Prishtina, 14 February 2017 – President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, hosted today the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Norway, Borge Brende, whereby discussed on deepening the cooperation between Kosovo and Norway.

President Thaçi extended his gratitude to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Norway regarding his encouraging messages regarding the future of Kosovo and on the European future of the region, by praising the continous support that Norway provided to Kosovo.

“Kosovo will retain special relations with Norway, a country that has always supported the peace, stability and independence of Kosovo. Upon this event, I briefed the Norwegian Foreign Minister with regards to the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia, and our hope to reach new agreements. Normalization between Serbia and Kosovo means peace and stability for the entire Balkans”, stated President Thaçi.

On his part, Chief Diplomat of Norway, Borge Brende, stressed that friendship and partnership between Kosovo and Norway is strong, but it will be further stregthened in the future.

“There is instability in the region, but we hope that Kosovo, also in the coming years, will be an exporter of stability. This is very important. We are very supportive of your work towards European integration and closer partnership with NATO. We are also one of the countries that have continued with partnership when it comes to economic development, because we believe that there has to be jobs and investments  in Kosovo.”stated the Chief Diplomat of Norway, Borge Brende.

Speaking on international cooperation, President Thaçi stated that the cooperation with Norway will continue in all fields such as in politics, economy and security.

President Thaçi and Chief Diplomat of Norway also discussed on mutual cooperation in the fight against fundamentalism, against extremism and terrorism, in order for Kosovo and the regjion to enhance peace, security, stability and economic development.

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