President Thaçi calls for greater commitment from people in science

President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi participated in the opening ceremony of the “Science Week 2016” which will run until May 12th.

President Thaçi said that the science week is being organized at a very important moment for our society, when Kosovo got also the recommendation for visa liberalization.

“We feel European in the full, official sense”, Thaçi said.

Addressing the academic staff and young scientists, President Thaçi said that what the Kosovan society wants from you is to clearly determine and pave the way – where Kosovo will be, where our state and Kosovo society be in 20-30 years’ time.

“It is not enough to produce graduate students. But we need offer a direction as to where will our country be, where will our institutions be, where will our society be 30 years later”, President Thaçi said, adding that 20 years ago we had embarked on nearly unattainable projects, but to date we have completed all of them.

He stressed that young Kosovans will no longer be isolated, but they will leave in a space and a standard as all other Europeans.
“It is not sufficient to follow regional trends only. We must move faster, better and in a more quality manner than others”, President Thaçi said.

President Thaçi expressed his belief that along with Kosovan scientists, today when the know-how has crossed border, we can ensure that the new world of information technology can become of a better use for Kosovan citizens, who for a very short period of time will envy to live in their own country and feel proud.

“It is not the politicians who will have to answer to various scientific phenomena facing the citizens. You are the ones who should provide answers. You are the ones who should help us”, President Thaçi said, adding that Kosovo needs science to support the economy, health, information technology and the environment.

President Thaçi said that visa liberalization implies that the Kosovan market should be a European market, therefore science should also better correlate with the labor market.

“We are Europe, we more no longer an isolated country. We have our identity and we should live our vision, of course within the global flows. And to walk with the global course, we must move quickly”, he said.

Before the academic staff and people of science, President Thaçi also spoke a host of sectorial issues, which do not concern only the citizens of Kosovo but also people at global level, the answers to which can best be given by scientists.

Plenary sessions of the Science Week in Kosovo are being held in the government building, whereas the thematic sessions are being conducted in the Faculty of Education in Prishtina.

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