President Thaçi at the 21st anniversary of the KLA Epopee: United we can undertake gigantic steps

Prishtina, March 5th 2019 – President of the republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, attended today the marking ceremony of the 21st anniversary of the glorious Kosovo Liberation Army epopee.

President Thaçi said that with highest state respects, we remembers today the unique sacrifice of the Jashari family, headed by the legendary commander Adem Jashari.

This sublime sacrifice, according to him, made an exceptional turn on the national and international levels of the Kosovo issue.

“The world started to understand Kosovo properly. The KLA Epopee proved that there was no turning back on our fight for freedom and liberation. KLA became the largest national project in the history of the Albanian nation,” said the President.

The head of state said that today and forever we honour all the martyrs of freedom, war veterans and invalids and all the citizens who sacrificed for the liberation of Kosovo.

“We honour the diaspora, who gave it all for the freedom. We remember 13.500 murdered Albanian civilians, 400 massacres on Albanian, around 20.000 raped Albanian women,” said President Thaçi, in front of hundreds of soldiers aligned in honour of the 21st anniversary of the Kosovo Liberation Army epopee.

The head of state said that at this anniversary, that for the first time, we are celebrating the KLA epopee with the Kosovo Army, also internationally recognised as a modern, professional and multi-ethnic force.

“Kosovo’s move ahead is unstoppable. We are consolidating in both internal and international fields. United, as a nation and as institutions we have the energy to undertake gigantic steps. United, we will gain greater support from our friends”, said the head of state.

President Thaçi pointed out that Kosovo shall in the near future become part of NATO, European Union, the UN and will strengthen its special relation with the United States of America.  

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