President Thaçi: Albania, our homeland of unlimited spiritual and solidary values

Prishtina, 18 January 2020 – President of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, attended today the Academy organized in gratitude to Albania.

President Thaçi has spoken of the strong connection between Albanians around the world with their homeland, Albania, while focusing in particular on the connection between Kosovo and Albania, mentioning the support they have given to each other in the most difficult times.

“We have gathered here today to thank Albania which is known for Hasan Prishtina's uprisings and for housing Azem Bejta's battalions. We also thank Albania that hosted the legendary commander Adem Jashari. We thank Albania which was like a roadmap for many compassionate idealists from Kosovo, such as Adem Demaçi, etc., whose life ideal was liberating Kosovo and uniting it with Albania. We thank Albania that always made us know that Yugoslavia and Serbia are not our homeland. We thank Albania for protecting, within its capacities, the rights of Albanians in Kosovo and elsewhere. We thank Albania that supported the Kosovo Liberation Army. We thank Albania for opening its doors and hearts during the days of Kosovo tragedy, at the peak of the 1999 war. Despite the difficult economic conditions and poor infrastructure, Albania housed over half a million Kosovo Albanians. This is the greatness of Albania. This is our homeland of unlimited spiritual and solidary values. Kosovo is forever grateful to Albania. Without Albania, Kosovo would not be liberated”, President Thaçi stated.

The head of state said that the most armoured border in Europe, i.e. the border between the Albanian lands, finally fell in 1999. He praised the way of the nation as a living artery of the intense circulation of our shared material, cultural and human values.

In this context, President Thaçi mentioned the rapid response of Kosovo citizens in support to their brothers in Albania on the occasion of the recent earthquake in Durres, as a proof of the strong emotional and solidary connection between the citizens of both countries.

“Kosovo painfully experienced the earthquake that hit Albania on 26 November last year. Our hearts and thoughts were with Albania. The world proved to be solidary, as it always does in such natural disasters. However, our feelings were different, deeper, more touching. The KSF soldiers proved to be professional and patriotic. The citizens of Kosovo offered everything to their brothers”, President Thaçi further said.

He then emphasized that Kosovo and Albania share Euro-Atlantic perspective and pursue the values of Western democratic world.

“Kosovo and Albania have only one perspective: the Euro-Atlantic perspective, just where our country historically belongs. To the values of the Western democratic world”, concluded President Thaçi.

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