President Sejdiu meets the President of the Central African Republic

New York, 19 September 2010 – Upon his arrival in New York, the President of Republic of Kosovo, Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu, started his activities and meetings with representatives of various states. At a bilateral meeting with the President of the Central African Republic, his Excellency Mr. François Bozizé, President Sejdiu, accompanied by Prime Minister Thaçi and Minister Hyseni, invited the President to recognize the independence of Republic of Kosovo as soon as possible, considering that such a move would facilitate a close cooperation between the two states.

“The International Court of Justice was very clear as far as independence of Kosovo is concerned and has explained that independence has come as a result of very specific circumstances, confirming thus that Kosovo is a special case indeed. The opinion of the ICJ indicating that the declaration of independence of Kosovo did not violate the international law has removed any dilemma that someone may have had about the recognition of the state of Kosovo”, Sejdiu emphasized. He added that independence of Kosovo is an expression of the will of the people of Kosovo to live in freedom and that its recognition by the Central African Republic would both support that will and contribute to stability and peace in the South-East Europe.

President Bozizé thanked President Sejdiu for the first-hand information and said that his state attaches a great importance to the issue of Kosovo. He said that that they understand the will of the people of Kosovo to live in freedom and independence and that they are analyzing the situation carefully. President Bozizé also asserted that the region of the former Yugoslavia has undergone many bloody wars and that time has come now for the region to live in peace. 

President Sejdiu updated President Bozizé on the progress made in the Republic of Kosovo following the declaration of independence and invited him to visit Kosovo, so that he can become closely acquainted with this progress and with the history and the war of the people of Kosovo for freedom and independence.

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