President Sejdiu holds bilateral meetings with presidents Ivanov, Topi and Vujanovic

In the course of the meeting of the leaders of the region, the President of Republic of Kosovo, Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu, held bilateral meetings with the President of Republic of Macedonia Gjorge Ivanov, the President of Republic of Albania Bamir Topi and the President of Republic of Montenegro Filip Vujanovic.

Bilateral meetings were also held between other participating presidents. President Sejdiu thanked presidents Ivanov, Topi and Vujanovic for their visit and for their participation in the meeting, which he held as a follow-up to meetings between leaders of the region held before in Vlora and Ohrid and which he said serve as evidence of good relations between the countries and contribute to furthering the cooperation in all areas of common interest.
The meeting between Sejdiu and Ivanov stated that Kosovo and Macedonia maintain very good relations and there are no pending issues between them. Rather, it confirmed they share common interests and have signed an array of bilateral agreements on many fields.
On his part, President Ivanov said that Kosovo and Macedonia share common strategic policies and emphasized aspirations of both countries to accede to the European Union and NATO as soon as possible.

President Sejdiu said that Kosovo and Macedonia are committed to peace and cooperation and that they have already developed into good models of regional cooperation.

In addition, President Sejdiu said that Macedonia’s experience in integration and visa liberalization processes is welcome.
At the meeting with President Topi as well, President Sejdiu laid an emphasis on the continuous support and assistance that the Republic of Albania has and is still providing to the Republic of Kosovo. Both presidents underlined good relations between the two countries, which they maintained were substantiated with many signed cooperation agreements on many fields.
They assured each other of mutual support and willingness to share experiences in the process of Euro-Atlantic integration.
The meeting between President Sejdiu and the President of the Republic of Montenegro also dealt with the same topics.

President Sejdiu thanked Mr. Vujanovic for the support that Montenegro has provided to Kosovo during major developments in our country and for its unwavering support for European integration and visa liberalization.

All the meetings tackled areas of potential boost of cooperation. In this regard, an emphasis was laid on the need to strengthen cooperation in the fields of economy, movement of people, rule of law, fight against corruption, visa liberalization and so on. President Sejdiu repeated his idea for the creation of a mini-Schengen zone that would enable the people of the region to move freely.

Following bilateral meetings, the presidents had lunch together in Prizren, and they will have a joint meeting at 15:00, which will be concluded with a joint press conference.

The meetings of the leaders of the region have received a lot of media attention in both Kosovo and other countries participating in the meeting, including that of the international media.

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