President Sejdiu conveys his greetings to President Bamir Topi

Republic of Kosovo’s President Fatmir Sejdiu has congratulated Republic of Albania’s President Bamir Topi on Albania’s becoming a full member of NATO.
Below you may read the contents of the letter of congratulation sent to President Topi:

To His Excellency, Mr. Bamir Topi,
President of Republic of Albania

Honourable President Topi,
A year ago I have congratulated you on the invitation that was sent to the Republic of Albania to become a member of NATO. Over the past twelve months, the process of ratifying the protocols for Albania’s accession to the most powerful military alliance ever known to humanity was successfully completed and follow through. Today, on my personal behalf and on behalf of the people of the Republic of Kosovo, I have the overwhelming pleasure of congratulating You and, through You, the entire Albanian people, on Republic of Albania’s becoming a full member of NATO.
This major and much-awaited act finally converts our region into an important factor of peace, stability and overall prosperity in this part of South-East Europe, the peoples of which are strongly committed to integration into the large family of free and democratic Euro-Atlantic nations.
Republic of Albania’s accession to NATO represents a resounding achievement by Albania’s institutions and citizens and will serve as an example to other countries of the region, which aspire accession to the North-Atlantic Alliance. The Republic of Kosovo shall, undoubtedly, draw on your experience and we look forward to our mutual engagement – as was the case so far – in reaching, as soon as possible, the day of accession of the entire region to NATO and other Euro-Atlantic institutions. Therefore, certainly with a feeling of relief, we can now say: Here we are! The freedom of our children and all the generations to come is now safe and invulnerable!
            Last but not least, wishing you good health, luck and prosperity, I kindly ask you, Honourable President, to accept my best wishes and assurances of an everlasting consideration!

Yours respectively,                  
Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu,
President of Republic of Kosovo

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