President Sejdiu conveys his condolences to President of Finland, Tarja Halonen

Following tonight’s tragic event in the Finish town of Finland, when a citizen of Kosovo origin committed the criminal act of depriving five finish citizens of their lives, the President of Republic of Kosovo, Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu, sent a letter of condolence to the President of Republic of Finland, Tarja Halonen. Below you may read the letter’s contents:

His Excellency, Tarja Halonen,
President of Republic of Finland

On behalf of the people and institutions of Kosovo, I want to express my heartfelt condolences on the tragic demise of five citizens of your country following a criminal act that a citizen of Kosovo origin has committed today in the town of Espoo.

All he people of my country were deeply saddened to hear the news on this tragedy. Therefore, Honorable President, You are kindly asked to our convey feelings of a heartfelt compassion and sympathy to the families of the victims and to the entire Finish people.
Will all our hearts, we remain with you and join you in your prayers in these moments of grief!
God Bless the victims of this tragedy and their families!
President of Republic of Kosovo,
Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu 

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