President Pacolli receives the new United Kingdom’s Ambassador to Kosovo Ian Cliff

The new United Kingdom’s Ambassador to our country Mr. Ian Cliff has presented today, at a solemn ceremony, his credentials to the President of the Republic of Kosovo Behgjet Pacolli.

“The people and institutions of the Republic of Kosovo are very much appreciative of everything that the United Kingdom has done in support of creating and strengthening the Republic of Kosovo” – President Pacolli said at the meeting.

He said that United Kingdom’s support had never been missing and that the people of Kosovo was lucky to have such a friend and would never forget its assistance and support.

Ambassador Ian Cliff said he would engage in boosting the very good relations between the two countries further.

“To the United Kingdom, Kosovo is an important partner in the Balkan region. You have enjoyed its continued support in the past and you will enjoy its support in the future” – Ambassador Ian Cliff pointed out.

He said the United Kingdom would assist Kosovo in its path towards European and Euro-Atlantic integrations, adding that the United Kingdom wishes to see the entire Balkan integrated into the European Union.

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