President Osmani’s statement following the attacks on the Kosovo police in the north of the country

“The killing of a policeman and the wounding of another policeman in the north of Kosovo, planned, orchestrated and executed by Serbian criminal gangs, is an attack on law and order in the north of the country, it is an attack on Kosovo.

These attacks demonstrate once again the destabilizing power of criminal gangs, organized by Serbia, which have been destabilizing Kosovo and the region for a long time, as has been proven by the attacks on KFOR members, journalists and citizens.

Organized attacks against the law enforcement forces of the Republic of Kosovo are attacks against the sovereignty of the Republic of Kosovo.

In addition to strongly condemning this open aggression by Serbia towards Kosovo, I expect our allies to support Kosovo in its efforts to establish law and order and preserve sovereignty in every part of the Republic of Kosovo.

We express our deepest condolences to the family of the murdered policeman and we assure them that the perpetrators of these terrorist acts will not be able to escape justice.

I call upon all citizens, institutions and political entities to remain united at this time when the territorial integrity, security and sovereignty of our Republic are being openly challenged.

As the President of the Republic, I have full confidence in our boys and girls of the Kosovo Police”.

The Office of the President announces that due to current circumstances, President Osmani has canceled all the activities planned for Monday and Tuesday in New York and as of today, she will be departing for Kosovo.

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