President Osmani's speech at the signing ceremony of Kosovo's application for membership in the European Union

Honourable participants

Dear citizens of the Republic of Kosovo,

Honourable Speaker of the Assembly,

Honourable Prime Minister,

Honourable media representatives,

Today is a historic day. This is a historic moment.

December 14th as of today has twice the importance in the modern history of Kosovo – in the history of our Republic. On the one hand, we are applying for membership in the European Union and on the other hand, we are celebrating the anniversary of the founding of our army. Both of these acts work towards the realization of our Euro-Atlantic vision.

Together with Speaker Konjufca and Prime Minister Kurti, on behalf of the Republic of Kosovo and its citizens, we are taking a decisive step towards realizing our collective dream and our inalienable ambition. Today we got together to bring our country one step closer to the European Union, contributing in the same way to the European Union  for it to also come one step closer to the realization of the project of Europe as a whole, free and in peace.

For Kosovo and its citizens, there has never been an alternative.

But dreams become reality only when action is taken and ambitions become tangible only when work is done.

On the eve of the 15th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, this act is dedicated to all the citizens of our country – devout Europeans and defenders and promoters of European values. But above all, this moment is dedicated to every child, woman and man of Kosovo who sacrificed their lives defending the ideals of freedom, independence and democracy while they were unjustly facing occupation and genocide.

Kosovo today is the embodiment of the values on which the European Union was built and it breathes with the European spirit. The youngest state in the oldest continent; promoter and guarantor of democratic rights; country of political pluralism and free media; a guarantor of human rights, religious freedoms and the rights of non-majority communities; Kosovo of the free market economy and the unyielding contributor to peace and security, deserves to be part of the European Union family.

Our way forward is clear. The process of joining the EU is not a smooth process and the whole process can be long-term. But we are determined to succeed.

We will do our part in order for it to be as easy as possible for the European Union to do its part. In this traversing, we will at all times be a trustworthy partner. Therefore today, we are taking a historic step so that the European Union moves as soon as possible towards the historic decision. 

May fortune favour us!

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