President Osmani’s speech at the commemorative meeting in honor of the Hero of Kosovo, Afrim Bunjaku

Dear Bunjaku family, please once again accept our deepest condolences,

Dear Speaker of the Assembly Mr. Konjufca,

Dear Prime Minister Kurti,

Dear representatives of institutions,

Minister Sveçla,

Police Director, Mr.Hoxha

Representatives of allied countries,

Ladies and gentlemen,

Honourable compatriots,

We have gathered at this funeral ceremony to bid our last farewell to our police officer, Sergeant Afrim Bunjaku, who until yesterday was a guardian of our security, but as of today, he is a hero of Kosovo.

He defended the order, law, territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Republic of Kosovo, he defended the dignity of our Republic, and for this reason today, on behalf of the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo, I will bestow upon him, post mortem, the highest order of Republic, the Hero of Kosovo Order.

As of today, our country has another hero, there is one more remembrance for a man who with professionalism and dedication dedicated himself to the defense of the Republic for which he fell in charge.

Today we are honoring a true hero, a brave and selfless police sergeant who sacrificed his life for the safety of all our citizens.

As you know the life of a police officer is a life of service, sacrifice and courage.

Afrim Bunjaku, as well as all members of the Kosovo Police, were challenged by the terrorist gang directed by Belgrade yesterday and did what was necessary. They restored the law, protected our territorial integrity and sovereignty and restored dignity.

Our hero, Afrimi, was a strong pillar of the Kosovo Police. He was a devoted servant of his country, constantly faced with challenges and dangers, but above all he showed unparalleled bravery.

He stood his ground in defense of the law and against the terrorist groups supported by Serbia, whose aim was to destabilize not only Kosovo but to disturb our entire region.

Afrim reminds us that heroes are not born, but become such through their deeds and sacrifice, and Afrim is an example of these values. Patriotic values were nurtured in his family.

The struggle to establish law and order is one of the greatest challenges in any society. It requires not only the highest level of skill and bravery but also a deep sense of commitment to the principles of justice and freedom. Our hero, Afrim, has embodied all these qualities throughout his career, standing as a relentless defender of our values and our freedom.

Let his heroism inspire us to stand united against the dark forces, against terrorism, against those who still deny our existence and aim to destabilize our state.

Let his legacy serve us as a reminder that heroes are always among us, as determined defenders of the foundations of the Republic of Kosovo.

No one will be able to bring the Republic of Kosovo to its knees and disgrace it, as long as there are girls and boys like Afrim, who put the interest of the Republic before individual fate.

Those who fell on the altar of freedom, heroes like Afrim and our Republic, are eternal!

Glory to him, and may the memory of the hero Afrim Bunjaku be eternal.

Today, in front of you, I have the honor to award the order “Hero of Kosovo” post-mortem to Sergeant Afrim Bunjaku on behalf of all the citizens of Kosovo. This order is awarded to him for his sacrifice in the line of duty, heroically defending the territorial integrity, sovereignty and constitutional order of the Republic of Kosovo.

I invite the family representatives to receive the order.

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