President Osmani's address on the 23rd anniversary of the establishment of the Kosovo Police

Honourable Prime Minister Kurti,
Honourable Minister Sveçla,
Honourable Acting Police Commander Mr. Hoti
Honourable KFOR Commander
Honourable KIA Director
Acting Chief Prosecutor and all you representatives of the institutions and of amicable countries
I am very pleased that on this beautiful sunny morning we are together celebrating the 23rd anniversary of the establishment of the Kosovo Police, one of the most important pillars of our statehood, which has played an extraordinary role in the consolidation of Kosovo's statehood.
I am deeply grateful for your dedication during the years gone by.
The police of our state, with all of its segments, constitute not only one of the important links of the state but also one of the most beautiful stories of how we can establish and raise stable institutions, trust in which has consistently been high among our citizens.
Therefore, I want to take this opportunity to wish all the members of our police a happy establishment anniversary and thank them on behalf of the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo for their commitment throughout these 23 years. You have always been one of the powerful pillars of our state, but also the permanent guarantors of the security of the life and property of the country's citizens.
In particular, I would like today to remember the policemen who have fallen in the line of duty, starting with our national hero Enver Zymberi, who spared nothing, not even their lives, to serve the country. They are our eternal memory, but they must also continue to remain our motivation to serve our country and serve its citizens with honor.
Dear participants!
In the 23 years of its existence, the Kosovo Police has proven that engagement for the country and service to the country is an honor and an ideal, ideal to serve the country and to be close to every citizen of the country cannot be conditioned by other incentives, because all of you who have served every citizen, regardless of ethnicity or religion, have always been close to them and created security for them to live peacefully in their own country.
The Kosovo Police, alongside of our partners, has also made sure that the border points of our country are supervised and are points that enable the free movement of citizens and not an obstacle to their free movement. Thus, you have helped preserve and strengthen the country's sovereignty.
Dear members of the Kosovo police!
The Republic of Kosovo is determined to further develop the police structures, to increase gender equality in its ranks and all other institutions, support it either with equipment or professional education, so that it continues to be a guarantor of citizens' safety and integrates better and better in international rule of law bodies.
Thus, we guarantee not only the safety of our citizens but also become important factors for maintaining international security. Hence membership in INTERPOL and other international organizations is very important for the achievement of these goals. By thanking you once again for the tireless work, for dedication, sacrifice and protection of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our country and for the protection of our citizens on daily basis.
God bless the Kosovo Police!

Thank you!

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