President Osmani's address at the Week for Sustainable Development in Kosovo

Dear participants,
Dear organizers,
Ladies and gentlemen,

Nice to see you in this 5th edition of Kosovo Sustainable Development Week!

This forum is already a success story, as it has become an annual space where the country's institutions, civil society, academia and the international community discuss with each other. Realistically, it is the only forum that has managed to successfully promote this formula over the years. Allow me to congratulate you on that.

This year finds us in a different situation on our continent. As a result of the war in Ukraine, our continent, and not only, is facing many questions. In a situation where we need quick solutions to not compromise the security of energy supply, we face in parallel the obligation to ensure that our solutions today do not jeopardize our ambitions for decarbonisation in the future. The only way we can succeed is through cooperation, coordination and regular and coordinated communication.

During these days, whether through conferences, interviews, lectures, cinema and numerous activities, you will talk about the challenges and opportunities of decarbonisation, regional cooperation, renewable energy sources and energy efficiency, the Green Agenda at the national and local levels, waste management and the impact of the Ukrainian war on these sectors. You will not always agree on everything, but it is important that we share a vision: a green, sustainable, and healthy future.

But, as we discuss at the macroeconomic level and the aspect of policy-making, we must not forget that in this journey we need the commitment and involvement of all. We still have a lot of work to do for education and awareness, but above all, we need to invest in future generations.

Things will be very different in the next 10 years. We will have new technologies, new scenarios and innovative development concepts. We have an obligation to ensure that our society is ready to embrace this momentum of development.

Therefore, looking to the future let us reflect on the actions of the present. Let us understand that what we say, say and write today is the skeleton and foundation of the future we project for our children.

We will be successful in this journey if we have the inclusion and commitment of men and women. We will be successful in this journey if we see regional cooperation as an opportunity and space to make things even better.

I said it a few days ago – I believe in a green future. I am convinced that this will become more and more a clearer reality each day. Let us not be distracted by the challenges of the moment and keep a clear focus on a green future, sustainable and with solutions that have affordable costs for our citizens.
Our Kosovo needs more green energy, investment in energy efficiency, sustainable waste treatment and reduction of their production, protected environment, liveable cities and smart transport – but, above all, Kosovo needs clean air and healthy citizens.

I wish you many successes in the coming days. The Office of the President of the Republic of Kosovo will be your companion on the road to the realization of a green future.

Thank you!

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