President Osmani’s address at the Tech Park, at the inauguration of the innovative car sales project Carvago, created by the “Gjirafa” company

Honourable Prime Minister Kurti,

Honourable Ambassador Mazanek,

Honourable Mr. Cahani,

Dear guests from Kosovo and the Czechia,


It is a real pleasure to be among you to promote an innovative product of the “Gjirafa” company, which has already become an identifying sign of our country in many European countries and beyond.

This reflects the real Kosovo, which is dominated by innovative young men and women, who are each day more and more becoming the image of our state and who are representing us in the best possible way.

“Gjirafa” is one of those success stories, which is no longer just ours. It is a European company. This shows that Kosovo can offer Europe more, so our ambition, as it has always been, is to be part of the European Union, where we have belong.

Innovation has a substantive role for the development of our economy and for the improvement of citizens’ lives.

The innovative Carvago car sale market will benefit not only our state, but will also directly affect the lives of our citizens.

Carvago is an innovation for the car market. It is a benefit in time, improvement in quality and efficiency.

Kosovo is interested in connecting as much as possible with the European market, so Carvago is just one of the platforms that enables such a thing.

This platform expands opportunities for consumers, but also opens new opportunities for businesses to develop in an increasingly globalized economy.

This is the transformative power of innovation, which undoubtedly drives positive change in our economy and society.

As a state that aspires to expand its economic ties with Europe, it is necessary for Kosovo to use innovation and digitization in order to increase competition.

The impact of innovative ideas and enterprises extends beyond economic impact, as they serve as catalysts for social change as well.

These enterprises and initiatives are the main drivers for the creation of new jobs and economic empowerment, providing opportunities for individuals and companies to realize their full potential and then contribute to the significant economic growth of our country.

We need a Kosovo that is as powerful economically and as interactive with the European market as possible. That is why we also see private business, all businesses that interact in Kosovo as catalysts of this economic empowerment.

Our country, as you know, has infrastructure that facilitates the circulation of goods, services and people between our region and the entire European continent. From modernizing transport corridors to improving digital infrastructure. Such investments have helped to eliminate barriers to trade and open new avenues for cooperation and economic exchange.

It is a great pleasure that today this cooperation is also deepening our partnership with a state that has always stood by the Republic of Kosovo, that is, with Czechia, which is not only a catalyst for economic cooperation, but has been the main catalyst that today our young people walk freely in other European countries through the liberalization of visas, for which I want to thank them once again for that extraordinary contribution.

I wish the “Gjirafa” company success with the newest innovative project and I encourage all Kosovar businesses to follow this path, occupying as much space as possible in the European market, showing the true image of our Republic, which is your image. So you are the best and most brilliant reflection of our Republic.


Thank you very much for the invitation!

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