President Osmani’s address at the parade of the Kosovo Security Force and the Kosovo Police held on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Kosovo

Dearly beloved citizens of our Republic, thank you for honoring Kosovo each and every day and raising the flag of our Republic higher every day.

Honourable President of Albania,

Honourable Vice President of Bulgaria,

Honourable Speaker of the Assembly Konjufca,

Honourable Prime Minister Kurti,

Honourable KSF Commander,

Honourable Ambassadors,

Honourable members of the Kosovo Police,

Honourable officers, non-commissioned officers and KSF soldiers,

Ladies and gentlemen,

We have gathered here today to celebrate another year of independence, another year of freedom, and another year of progress.
On the 15th anniversary of the independence of our state, the Republic of Kosovo, we remember with deep respect the sacrifice of all those who fought bravely and fell heroically to ensure our freedom and make possible a democratic Kosovo where everyone is equal in front of the law.
Not by chance, the troops of our army, the Security Force and the Kosovo Police will parade today in three emblematic squares, which summarize and intertwine a large part of our history.

They will start from “Ibrahim Rugova” square, they will continue through “Mother Teresa” square, and they will return here to “Zahir Pajaziti” square, and after honoring the 15th anniversary of the state’s independence, their units will return to the barracks which bears the name of the icon of our liberation war, the legendary commander Adem Jashari.

The girls and boys of our Army and Police, on this day of celebration, will march from the square that bears the name of the architect of the state of Kosovo, the founding father, the historic president Dr. Ibrahim Rugova, who is still watching us from right there, feeling confident and proud of the successes of our country.

Our republic bears the seal of the sacrifice of three thousand KLA martyrs who were led by the legendary commander Adem Jashari. Freedom, independence and our country are his testaments and testaments of many generations we bow with respect before them!

The army cadres, which parade today in front of us, together with the Kosovo Police, are the brightest part of our new history and the connection of two historical periods, which gave way to our freedom, state formation and state building.

Just as our army, which proves itself and makes us proud each and every time, the Kosovo Police as well, which recently faced increased engagement due to the developments in the north of the country, has shown commitment and determination to maintain order and law, but above all for them, to maintain sovereignty in every corner of the Republic of Kosovo.

These girls and boys are the descendants of the Kosovo Liberation Army, who regained and defended the dignity of our people.
Therefore, thank you to each and every one of you!

But today, today, a big thank you also goes to our friends, first of all, thank you to the United States of America, our eternal allies, thank you to all NATO member states as well as other amicable countries around the world, which by upholding our right to live freely, placed themselves on the right side of history.
Our force is professional and ready at any time to protect the sovereignty and inviolability of the territory of our Republic, so today, together with you, honorable citizens, we will have the opportunity to say thank you to our army and our police during this parade.

As a society and as a state we are indebted to our soldiers and our police and to their sacrifice. They are the epitome of selflessness and service.
Our independence is not only freedom from captivity but also our daily engagement towards a society based on justice, equality and prosperity for all citizens without distinction.

Therefore, let’s work together to build a brighter future for our country and for the generations to come. The period that our country is going through, at this time of global challenges and threats, increases the need for us to unite in one front, for the good of the Republic. Because only when we are together are we successful. Our republic is sacred and we must treat and protect it as such.

The Republic of Kosovo is eternal, as will be our efforts to strengthen it and continue to feel proud of the state, which is our interest above any other interest.

God bless our Army and Police!
May God bless the Republic of Kosovo and its citizens!

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