President Osmani: People with Down syndrome have tremendous potential and must be supported in every segment

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani Sadriu, on international Down Syndrome Day received in her cabinet a group of children with Down Syndrome together with whom she made a postcard with their 21 wishes in support of the “A postcard for you” campaign

Afterward, President Osmani, together with children, parents and other citizens attended the “Walk with My Shoes” march, dedicated to children with Down Syndrome.

President Osmani said that it is important that today many citizens have joined this march, thus showing that the level of awareness in our society is rising around the potential that all our children have without a distinction. “Therefore, in the first place as institutions, but also as a society and as individuals, we must understand that people with Down syndrome, especially our children who are here today and many others who are not here today in Prishtina, are an extraordinary potential for our society which must be supported in every segment and during every stage of their lives. “Because what they give us is much more love, much more color in our lives,” said President Osmani. According to President Osmani, it is necessary to provide all the conditions which must be provided as institutions. “Of course, we are making the first steps and much more work is required, but we will do everything in our hands, everything that is in our competencies so that every member of our society feels equal, feels fulfilled, and feel ready to offer our society its potential,” said the President. The head of the country further said that each of us owes it to them to work together, and in addition to inclusiveness, in addition to cooperation, to understand what it is like to walk in their shoes. “We had a very nice day, many of these kids you see excel in various fields from sports to music. Therefore, each of us owes it to them to work together, and in addition to inclusiveness, in addition to cooperation, to understand what it is like to walk in their shoes, in a society that unfortunately has so far not offered equal treatment. So, let us take this as a moral and human obligation for each of us, first of all as an individual, then also as a collective, as a society and as institutions,” said the President. Meanwhile, the director of the “Down Syndrome” association  Sebahate Hajdini Beqiri, thanked the President for the support.

“We believe that every day you and all representatives of the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo will be with us because people with Down Syndrome need support, they need support and the realization of their rights in all areas of life. Because, the community, the people in this case with Down Syndrome and their families face different challenges every day. However, the support of the President in our campaign and the support of all other representatives motivate us and give us hope that the rights of people with Down Syndrome will be a priority of our country's institutions “, said Hajdini Beqiri. 

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