President Osmani paid homage at the Lybeniq Massacre memorial

The President of the Republic of Kosovo Vjosa Osmani, accompanied by the Speaker of the Assembly of Kosovo Glauk Konjufca and the Mayor of Peja Gazmend Muhaxheri, paid tribute today and laid a wreath at the 23rd anniversary of the fall of the martyrs in Lybeniq. Peja.

President Osmani said that the sacrifice of the martyrs of Lybeniq has allowed us today to enjoy our centuries-old aspiration for freedom.

“We owe everything to these people,  who have given up everything they had, their lives because we could never enjoy freedom, we could never achieve independence if they did not sacrifice their lives for our freedom,” said President Osmani, adding that today he met many family members who have lost their loved ones, and some have lost their whole family.

“We owe them our whole life, but at the same time, it is our institutional obligation to never stop our efforts for justice. “In this massacre, as in any other that the genocidal regime of Serbia has committed against the innocent civilian population in Kosovo, but also all the martyrs who have fallen, prove how barbaric the Serbian state's war against the people of Kosovo has been,” he said. President Osmani.

She said the Lybenic massacre is clear evidence of the Milosevic regime's destructive intentions against the people of Kosovo. “We must not stop day after day and work tirelessly all together, without distinction, so that their blood does not go to waste and that the perpetrators of these macabre acts, the perpetrators of genocide, are brought to justice,” concluded Osmani.

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