President Osmani bestows the Presidential Military medal to the Slovenian peacekeeping troops within NATO in Kosovo

The President of the Republic of Kosovo Vjosa Osmani, during her official visit to Slovenia, bestowed the Presidential Military Medal to the Slovenian troops, as part of the NATO/KFOR peacekeeping mission in Kosovo.

They have been bestowed the medal with the motivation for their contribution to peace and security within the NATO mission in the Republic of Kosovo since 2000.

“I am here before you today to thank and honour them for their contribution, courage and humane spirit demonstrated by the Slovenian troops who have served and are serving in Kosovo for over two decades. The Presidential Military Medal is awarded to these soldiers, who are not only peacekeepers but also loyal nurturers of the excellent friendly relations between Kosovo and Slovenia,” pointed out President Osmani.

According to her, each and every one of the 9,417 Slovenian peacekeepers who have served over two decades in Kosovo has a special contribution to peace and stability, so they will be forever remembered by the people of Kosovo, to whom we remain forever grateful.

At the ceremony, President Osmani emphasized that the Kosovo issue received strong support over the years from Slovenia and she asked for this support to continue also during the process of Kosovo's membership in NATO.

“I have every confidence that our army can benefit greatly from the experience of your army. I wish that, in addition to cooperation in the military field, in the near future I see our forces alongside your forces in NATO. This alliance is our goal and strategic interest,” stated President Osmani emphasized at the awarding ceremony of the Slovenian peacekeepers.

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