President Osmani and Minister Gërvalla met with NATO Secretary-General Mr.Jens Stoltenberg

September 21st, 2021, New York

President Osmani and Minister Gërvalla met today with the NATO Secretary-General Mr. Jens Stoltenberg.

President Osmani stated that Kosovo's fundamental goal remains NATO membership in as fast a time as possible. Membership is essential in order to ensure peace in the region and also to promote and protect our common values.

During the meeting with Mr. Stoltenberg, President Osmani highlighted Kosovo's commitment to opening of a new chapter of cooperation with NATO, which means Kosovo's inclusion in the Partnership for Peace.

“Our goal is to become part of the global security infrastructure and contribute to peace,” she said.

Kosovo Security Force, added President Osmani, is a professional force, trained in compliance with NATO standards, which will allow Kosovo to become an active force within the framework of regional and global security.

“We are proud that our soldiers are participating together with the US Armed Forces soldiers in a joint military mission in Kuwait. This mission, the first of its kind for Kosovo, demonstrates our readiness to contribute to global peace and security, “said President Osmani.

Madam President also informed Secretary Stoltenberg of the latest developments in the dialogue process with Serbia. She stressed that  Republic of Kosovo has implemented the Brussels agreements on freedom of movement and condemned the threats and actions of Serbia and its illegal structures in Kosovo.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg thanked Kosovo for providing temporary shelter to Afghan refugees, cooperating with NATO, and praised its action as an example of cooperation and coordination with allies.

President Osmani also said that Kosovo's decision was in line with the geostrategic orientation and reflection of the common values of human rights.

“Kosovo, she continued, is ready to contribute in the future to similar humanitarian missions, but also to those of security. 

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