President of the Republic of Kosovo received Secretary General of the Regional Cooperation Council, Mr. Goran Svilanović

President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga, met today with Secretary General of the Regional Cooperation Council, Mr. Goran Svilanović, during his visit to Kosovo on the occasion of Kosovo’s membership into this regional organisation of cooperation among states.

During the meeting, President Jahjaga classified Kosovo’s membership in RCC as an important and necessary step which helps towards strengthening of regional cooperation and access for Balkan states towards finding of joint solutions to global challenges faced by the countries of the region.

Madam President emphasized that integration into European Union is the only option for the Balkan states and that this path has no other alternative, Kosovo is fully dedicated to this path and its agenda of European Integrations, as a sovereign and independent state, factor of peace and stability, which promotes and implements the principle of building of good neighbourly relations which stabilize the region and pave the way a more expeditious economic development.

President Jahjaga assured Mr. Svilanovic that Kosovo will continue to play a constructive role in all regional initiatives which will help our country’s journey as well as the countries of the region towards integration and membership into European Union and NATO.
Secretary General of the Regional Cooperation Council, Mr. Svilanovic stated that as part of the regional cooperation, which is the main mission of the organisation which he leads, main priorities in the coming years will be social and economic development of the region, in order to reduce unemployment and augment the living standard.

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