President Mutharika promises new recognitions by the African Union

On the third day of his official visit to the Republic of Malawi, President Sejdiu has had an array of important engagements. Accordingly, he had a morning working meeting with President Mutharika, which discussed bilateral relations and opportunities of cooperation between the two countries.

In the noon, President Sejdiu and President Mutharika held a joint press conference at the International Kamuzu Airport. Speaking about the importance of the visit, President Sejdiu said: “I want to thank President Mutharika and the people of Malawi for their hospitality. I also want to thank President Mutharika again for the decision that he has taken about Kosovo and for his support to the people of our country”.

Further, President Sejdiu said: “I held many meetings in the course of my visit here and I had the opportunity to discuss with President Mutharika many issues and bilateral relations”.

“A new era of development and cooperation between our two countries awaits us now. There is a geographic distance between us indeed, but there are many common issues that bring us closer to each other. We are two nations that have gone through developments and experiences that we would never wish for nobody now or in the future. We share the will to support each other and to cooperate with our mutual friends”, President Sejdiu pointed out.

Speaking of his visit to Malawi, President Sejdiu said: “In every place that I have visited, I have seen that the people had embarked on real work; I have seen the optimism of the people for a brighter future and I have seen the pride that the people of Malawi take in their state and their faith in further progress.

President Sejdiu said that he felt at home. “I was received at the capital, where I was handed over the Key to the City. I will hold and protect that key in earnest. I also had the honor to address the Parliament of the country and present my observations on the reality that we have build in Kosovo, on our ambition for a speedy progress and on our objective to be important partners for peace and stability. I also urged Malawi to maintain its unhesitating support that it has provided from the outset for increasing the number of recognitions”, President Sejdiu pointed out.

“I strongly believe in the role of President Mutharika and I believe in his commitment to provide grounded and sustainable arguments to the countries that need additional information in favor of Kosovo. Therefore, I consider that it was a very important opportunity for us to be here”, President Sejdiu said.

On this occasion, President Sejdiu noted that he has invited President Mutharika to visit Kosovo so that he can see for himself how the people cherish the freedom and express their love and reverence for each other.

On the other hand, the President of Republic of Malawi Binu wa Mutharika said that his country and he personally, as Chair of African Union, will do their utmost to support Kosovo on its path to development and to ensure new recognitions of independence of our country by as many African states as possible. He reconfirmed that he has already repeated his request to the African countries to consider the recognition of Republic of Kosovo as soon as possible.

President Mutharika also emphasized that Malawi and Kosovo can cooperate closely in many fields, such as education, health and so on.

At the end of his official visit to Malawi, President Sejdiu was escorted with the highest state honors. Following the intonation of the hymns of both countries at the Kamuzu International Airport, the two presidents paraded in front of the National Guard and greeted hundreds of citizens, who had come out to attend the ceremony organized on the occasion.

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