Today we mark a special day of the Kosovo’s statehood- Constitution Day- a historic act for Republic of Kosovo, an independent and sovereign state, which agglomerates the most sublime values for which many generations sacrificed themselves.

Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo- the highest legal act of the country- represents the foundation of the state of law, guarantees the liberty of each citizen of the country regardless and incorporates in itself the universal human rights. It is an act based upon the principles of freedom, peace and democracy, which has opened the way to the development of the state of Kosovo, embracing the highest European standards.

We are building a state based on law and order. A state in which all are equal in front of the law. A state which guarantees the freedom of expression and movement. A state which respects cultural and religious diversity, converting them into values of our society.

Republic of Kosovo is a state in which constitutionality and legality spreads on the whole of its territory, a country with functional and democratic institutions, based on all-inclusiveness. We have gone through the difficult process of institutional consolidation, aiming to, with understanding, guarantee the rights of each community, especially the ones of Serbian community in the northern part of our country, rights which are ingrained in our Constitution.

We are aiming to, relying on all-inclusiveness, apply the complete rule of law and order in this part of the country as well, guaranteeing development, progress and democratization of the society.

We are all equal in the eyes of the Constitution, and this means we all have equal obligations and responsibilities!

Republic of Kosovo is today closer to the European integration for as much as we are ready and powerful to ensure the rule of law and order and ready to conclude the reforms we have commenced within our society.

Today we are facing the challenges which determine the future of the country, its international consolidation and democratic functioning of the whole of our society. Our action today, however hard they might be, will conclude a difficult chapter of our society, without leaving in inheritance any prejudice to the coming generations.

For that reason, by upholding the values intertwined in our Constitution, we guarantee our path ahead and the viability of our state.

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