President Jahjaga’s speech at the reception organised by the Constitutional Court for the representatives of the Venice Commission

Constitutional Court is one of the most important institutions of our state, which enlivens the principles of the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo, built upon the promise that Kosovo shall be a free and democratic state, where law and order prevail. Constitutional principles which make all citizens of Kosovo equal, and where the human rights are the foundation of statehood.

Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo is the most sublime act, which engrains in itself all sacrifice and engagement of many generations, who worked and sacrificed for us to be rulers of our own fates today.
Therefore, the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo must be enlivened by all of us; the guarantor of this endeavour must be the Constitutional Court. We are building a state where democracy, pluralism, all inclusiveness and equality of our citizens irrespective of ethnicity, religion, gender or sexual orientation does not divide us, but only makes us stronger.
In these first years of our statehood, on certain occasions, we have seen that our Constitution is approved, by untried. This Court has demonstrated that at critical moments for the direction of our country, discussion must be held within the constitutional framework and within the institutions of the country. Constitutional Country must continue to guard independent and objective decision making. Political and judicial dissatisfactions are expressed through institutional mechanisms, as this discussion will only strengthen the statehood of Kosovo and will guarantee the democratic principles.
This determination of ours to address and solve problems within the constitutional framework and through institutions has made Kosovo today a member of the Venice Commission and on the right path to join the Council of Europe. We must work together to reflect best practices of constitutional interpretation, but we also have an obligation to also share our practices in defence of Constitutionality.

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