President Jahjaga’s speech at the meeting of the Consultative Council on Communities

President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga, participated today at this year’s concluding meeting of the Consultative Council on Communities

At the speech held at the opening of the meeting, President Jahjaga said:

Consultative Council on Communities, as a Constitutional category, is the most important forum where all communities of Kosovo, together, discuss and build better representational policies in the institutions and the society of Kosovo, without ethnic or religious difference.

This council is an important voice in our society, which is being built upon the foundation off all inclusiveness of equal citizens, who have equal responsibilities for the common state.

We, the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo, have the responsibility towards building of a better life and a brighter future, and we can achieve this through joint endeavouring   for the progress of our common country.

Your work at this Council has demonstrated that multi-culturalism in Kosovo is a value of our society which makes the country richer and stronger, while at the same time preserving the diversity of the communities. Our path towards European Union is a joint one,  because we have our place among the free and equal people, where the diversity and mutual respect are a founding principle of cohabitation.

This Council must continue to advocate the opinions of the communities and of their members on legislation, policies and public programmes, as only in this manner each community can integrate and have a voice in decision making.

We must be even more active in requesting for the rights of each community in the field of education, social issues, language, in order for all addressed issues to be solved in compliance with the Constitution, laws and best practices of the Republic of Kosovo.

Dragi ucesnici,
Republika Kosovo je nassa zajedniccka drzzava, svih zajednica koje su posvecene izgradnji zajedniccke buducnosti. Zajednice na Kosovu su vrednost drusstva, koje tezzi evropskim integracijama, o boljoj budnuccnosti.To mozzemo ostvariti zajedno, mi ravnropravni gradjani Kosova.
Honourable participants,

This year we have concluded the process of municipal elections as an important process which has shown that Kosovo is a democratic process where all citizens, regardless, have the right to elect and be elected. Our path of European integrations is by now unstoppable as a long term aspiration of every single citizen of Kosovo. With holding of the municipal elections in the whole territory of the country we have concluded the process of the territorial consolidation of Kosovo, bringing communities together and finding acceptable solutions for all citizens, regardless, based upon the laws and the Constitution of the country.

Our successes are joint ones, and they must serve as an example that we are building values and that the state is build upon the principles of equality and non-discrimination.


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