President Jahjaga’s speech at the Ambassadors Conference

I have had the honour to meet most of you in my office and to closely work with you on the accomplishment of a diplomatically successful year for Kosovo and therefore I have the pleasure to see you all gathered here in Prishtina to conduct a discussion- I hope a very productive and all inclusive one, which will evaluate our up to date endeavours in foreign policy, identify the inadequacies which we have come across in the last five year of existence as an organised diplomatic service and establish basic principles upon which we shall base our strategy for the work ahead.

Five years ago, when the Republic of Kosovo opened its first embassies, as a state, we faced many challenges- one of creation of autonomous institutions, of taking over the competencies and responsibilities to govern and manage a democratic state, of repairing of the relations between the communities of Kosovo, and of an economic stabilisation which will demonstrate our seriousness on building of a sustainable state.

On the foreign plane, we needed to be legitimised as a state through bilateral recognitions, acceptance in international organisations and through building of connective bridges with the countries of the region, majority of which recognised us as an undeniable realty, as a factor of peace and stability.

We needed to further invest in strengthening of our relations with our strategic partners- United States of America and the member countries of the European Union- with which we built the new Kosovo and continued to project optimism and success which had characterised this period of state building partnership, unseen before in the field of international relations.

At the same time, it took a lot of work and endeavour to undo an negative image created about Kosovo in many centres of the world, in which the cause of the citizens of Kosovo to build a free and democratic country, aspiring to become part of the European Union and NATO, to add its voice to the endeavours of the UN in addressing of global challenges,  was not as yet justly understood.

Now, when we are reaching the sixth year of the realisation of this dream of many a generations, achieved with grand sacrifice, our statehood is irreversible and unshakable.

We swore and oath that our state and institutional policy making will be led by the principles and ideals of the democratic world, that the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo will be equal, irrespective of the ethnicity or religion.

With our internal success in restarting a proper dialogue with the Serbian community in the northern municipalities of Kosovo towards their integration in the institutional and social life of the Republic of Kosovo, and with our orientation to invest in the normalisation of relations with our neighbouring country, Serbia- however difficult and contradictive this process might have been- we have changed not only the future of our countries, but, I strongly believe, we have also built an independent Kosovo which is not a hostage of anyone else. By creation f such a reality, we have finally demonstrated that we are not cross handed awaiting for the normalisation to happen, but we are actively creating it and building on it.

We dedicated ourselves towards this vision, convinced that this path will strengthen the ties between our citizens, will regain the trust on the institutions and will create wellbeing for everyone. Investment in this internal stability was necessary because, as we are witnessing, it will reflect upon our external subjectivity. And it is the need for strengthening of this subjectivity which brings us all together here today.

Now, when we have already cemented our independence, our sovereignty, and when we have ensured our territorial integrity, we are in need of a new force, a new élan, to turn into irreversible the integrational processes which we have already begun.

Today, we are better prepared than we were five years ago. We are in position of the experiences of the host countries and the unsparing assistance of our allies and strategic partners, who consider our success an integral part of their success.

Therefore this conference, honourable ambassadors, is a must, because priorities and global resources have changed, and taking our Euro-Atlantic orientation as a reference point, our ability to adapt must also change, to continue to remain relevant and cooperative to our strategic partners, to create new alliances and opportunities- in economic filed in particular- where they did not exist before. Today, it is no longer important whether you are a large or a small state; what is of importance is how one can become an example of stability and how one can provide concrete contribution to addressing of local and global challenges.

Honourable Ambassadors,

As the President of the Republic of Kosovo and the factor of unity and carrier of the foreign policy, I would like to thank you for the work and dedication you have shown during your service in Kosovar diplomacy, and in particular to some of you, for a dignified  representation of our state.

I am aware that, as with every other beginning, this one has not been an easy one as well, and I am also aware that many of you are facing daily challenges, as is the evident  lack of essential staff or lack of instructions from our institutions.
I would like to express my hope that at this conference you will be able to address some of these challenges, which will in turn contribute to a more effective communication with the decision taking centres of the world, to the cooperation and coordination of the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo, without losing sight of the primary aim of this conference, on concrete contributions on how to best adapt the available resources to our needs and ambitions.

At the same time I would like to remind you that we have the honour and the privilege to be in service to the citizens of Kosovo at this historic moment, when we have the opportunity to for the first time determine our own fate and our future.

For the first time, in many capitals of the world, you represent the Republic of Kosovo; its ideals ingrained in the Constitution, and loudly articulate Kosovo’s interests.

For this reason I ask of you to remain loyal to the mission you have undertaken in building of a professional and apolitical diplomatic service, based upon the law, with a single aim in its mind and its heart: advancement of the interests of Kosovo.

In this undertaking, you will have my permanent support.

Thank you.

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