President Jahjaga’s New Year’s Message

Honourable citizens of the Republic of Kosovo,

At the threshold of the New Year, 2013, I wish you all the best, good health, happiness and success in your life and your work. Let us celebrate the year change together in our families, with our friends and loved ones, in solidarity, helping and caring for each other.

On this occasion, we remember with piety and pride all the individuals who sacrificed themselves for Kosovo. The ideals and actions of the martyrs should become guidelines from which we draw strength to overcome all the difficulties we are faced with, and to make Kosovo a developed country, a country with an advanced democratic system, with equal rights and liberties for each citizen, regardless.

A country with a clear direction towards membership into European Union and in permanent friendship with the United States of America.

This eve, we express our gratitude to all those who are at their working places, working to provide all the necessary services so that we may celebrate tonight.

This eve, we thank the KFOR, EULEX and Diplomatic Missions in Kosovo and express our respect for the help they provide to Kosovo and to our citizens.

Honourable fellow countrymen and women,

We are leaving behind a successful year of our moving ahead. During the year we are leaving behind, we ended the international supervision of our independence and took upon ourselves full responsibilities in leading of our country.

Republic of Kosovo, a sovereign and independent state, has become an important factor of peace and stability in the region that develops good neighbourly relations.

Kosovo’s European path is a clear one, a destination that will be successfully reached, due to the dedication of the institutions of Kosovo and of all its citizens to fulfil all the necessary criteria and accomplish all the necessary reforms.

Our aspiration to reach these EU membership standards is also in accordance with our vision and with the values we believe in, in building of a democratic state of rule of law and order and uncompromised fight against organised crime and corruption.

Honourable citizens,

Happy New Year! May we start the New 2013 with a stronger dedication to advance Kosovo, our homeland, and to augment the wealth of our families.

God bless you, God bless Kosovo, God bless our international friends.

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