President Jahjaga’s message for the KFOR Conference on gender equality

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Madam Atifete Jahjaga, through a video message has addressed the participants of the Conference on gender equality, organized by KFOR.

In the message it is said:
Dear participants,
Dear friends;

Being unable to address you personally, I have the utmost pleasure to convey to you my sincere greetings through this video message, and congratulate you on your work and your engagements in handling of issues related to general progress of the society.
General Filioglio, KFOR Commander, I would like to express to you my gratitude for your provision of support on issues of gender equality, an example of which is the consistency of the multiethnic force which you lead and the societies you all originate from.
Gender equality has to do with the level of development of a country, functioning of its democracy, its responsibilities towards its citizens regardless, thus, it has to do with the issues which belong to all of us, both women and men. For this reason I consider that there should not be any gender differences if we aspire an all-encompassing development of the society.
Women’s participation in sectors which are traditionally reserved for men has brought forward radical and important changes in the society. For this reason we are breaking down the barriers and gender stereotypes and we are challenging the patriarchal mentality trough participation and offering of equal opportunities regardless.
Our society has chosen the path of progress and this is why it is you dear friends, and it is US, all the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo, who see the future differently.

Thank you.

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