President Jahjaga’s felicitations on the occasion of Easter Holyday

President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga, conveyed a felicitatory message to the Bishop of the Diocese of Kosovo, Monsignor Dodë Gjergji, and to all the followers of catholic faith on the occasion of the Easter holyday.

The message states:

Honourable Bishop Gjergji,

On the occasion of Easter Holyday, please allow me to on my personal behalf, and on the behalf of the institutions and citizens of the Republic of Kosovo, convey to you personally and to all the faithful my best wishes and that you may pass this holiday of resurrection of the human spirit and reconfirmation of trust in God in peace, good health and in harmony.

Holydays like this Easter one, bring back the sense of unification and solidarity with all those who are in need of institutional care and support. Therefore, in the spirit of mutual respect and tolerance, let us work together for the wellbeing of all the citizens regardless, and let us pray for peace, security and abundance for all humankind.

I would also like to convey my cordial felicitations to the Ambassadors, diplomatic representatives, to the KFOR Commander and Soldiers and to all other international representatives who are celebrating Easter in our country.

Honourable Bishop Gjergji,

I would like to once again wish that you and to all faithful celebrate this holyday in peace, joy, abundance and spiritual wellbeing.

President of the Republic of Kosovo,

Atifete Jahjaga

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