President Jahjaga visited the KFOR HQ

President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga, visited today, upon an invitation by the KFOR Commander, General Salvatore Farina, the Head Quarters of the NATO Peacekeeping force, at Camp Film City, where she was received by the Guard of Honour.

President Jahjaga and the KFOR Commander, General Farina, held a meeting at which General Farina informed Madam President with the general situation in Kosovo, the Balkan region and the latest developments and KFOR activities.
KFOR Commander, General Farina, praised the advances achieved in the field of security and freedom of movement, achieved also through the increase of the capacities of the Kosovo Police and KSF.
President Jahjaga and General Farina, also emphasized the importance of the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia, facilitated by European Union and the necessity of the practical implementation of the agreements already achieved.

During her visit to the KFOR HQ, President Jahjaga also visited the Joint Operative Room, and received an update on the engagements of the Kosovo peacekeeping force during the period of holding of the pre term general elections and with the KFOR cooperation with the Kosovo Police and Kosovo Security Force.
The President of Kosovo pointed out that “pre term election in Kosovo should be democratic, honest, fair and comprehensive, and Kosovo Police, EULEX and KFOR will coordinate in order to guarantee safety and security so that all citizens are able to exercise their right of free vote in every part of the country, including in the north of Kosovo”.
President Jahjaga thanked General farina for the exceptional contribution that all KFOR staff members have, in a professional manner, provided for over 15 years in Kosovo, and stated that NATO peacekeeping force plays an important role for the peace and stability not only in Kosovo but the Balkan region as well.

General FARINA confirmed the commitment of KFOR to the ensuring of the accomplishment of the NATO mission aimed to guarantee security to all citizens of Kosovo.
Both Interlocutors praised the close cooperation between KFOR and the institutions of Kosovo.

President Jahjaga and KFOR Commander placed flower wreaths at a monument in memory of the fallen soldiers.

This is the first time since General FARINA took command of Kosovo Forces that the President was hosted in the NATO HQ in Prishtina.

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