President Jahjaga visited the “Isa Grezda” Hospital and the Regional Police Directorate in Gjakova

President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga, accompanied by the Minister of Health, Mr. Imet Rrahmani and the Mayor of Gjakova, Mimoza Kusari-Lila, visited today the “Isa Grezda” Regional Hospital in Gjakova. She met with the mother of the first born child of 2015, Ljuljeta Beka, whom she congratulated on her new-born daughter. Madam President also whished long live and good health to the first born baby of the year, a young girl named Esma Beka.

“I came here today, because as you know, it has become a tradition to visit the first born baby on the New Year’s Day. This year, we have changed the approach to it a bit, as until this year we have always visited the University Clinical Centre in Prishtina, and I have decided to, starting from this year, visit different regional centres of Kosovo. We visited the Regional Hospital in Gjakova, together with the Minister of Health, Mayor of Gjakova and the Hospital Director, and paid a visit to the first baby of the year and her mother. I congratulated the mother on her new born baby daughter, and to little Esma wished a long life, good health and harmony in her family”, said President Jahjaga.

President Jahjaga also congratulated the doctors and the rest of the “Isa Grezda” regional hospital personnel, on their engagement and dedication.

“I congratulated the medical personnel, including the Director, for all their work and engagements, not only on the night of the year change, which requires extra engagement, but also for the work and professionalism  shown during the twelve month of this year. I hope that this new year, for the citizens of Gjakova and all citizens of Kosovo will be a good year, a year of solidarity and wellbeing for all our citizens”, added President Jahjaga.

President Jahjaga also visited the Regional Police Directorate in Gjakova, where she was received by its Director, Sub-Lieutenant Ahmet Hasi.

“My visit here today might seem as a coincidence with the establishment of the Gjakova Regional Directorate. Initially, I congratulated the Mayor and the Gjakova Regional Police Directorate, for the maintenance of a safe and peaceful environment on New Year’s Eve”, said President Jahjaga.

President Jahjaga praised the decision for the separation of the Gjakova region, in order for Kosovo Police to offer more security and to be able to be as close to the citizens as possible.
“But, this decision for the separation of the Gjakova region contributes to a more proper and better disbursement of the Kosovo Police in all these villages around Gjakova, in order to be able to be closer to its citizens and to offer greater security and to guarantee order and security to all citizens of Kosovo. Therefore, I congratulate the Gjakova Municipality and Gjakova Regional Directorate and I wish them productive work during this year, said President Jahjaga.

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