President Jahjaga received the Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom, Mr. William Hague

President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs Atifete Jahjaga, received today at a meeting the Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom, Mr. William Hague, who was accompanied by the United Kingdom’s Ambassador to Kosovo, Mr. Ian Cliff.

President Jahjaga and Foreign Secretary Hague spoke about the actual developments in Kosovo, about the democratic processes that our country is going through, international consolidation of Kosovo and United Kingdom’s engagement in the Balkan region, with a particular emphasis in Kosovo.
President Jahjaga praised the help and support that United Kingdom has provided and continues to provide in all the relevant fields and stated that United Kingdom is an inseparable part of the history of Kosovo, a state that has become a factor of peace, stability and promoter of good neighbourliness.
By emphasizing the importance of the support for the Republic of Kosovo in the dialogue process with the Republic of Serbia, a process facilitated by the EU and with the strong backing of the USA, President Jahjaga stated that this is the best way to normalise the relations between the two countries which have had a difficult past. She also stated that she has given her full support to the high level meeting of the two Prime ministers, of Kosovo and Serbia, two independent and sovereign countries, Hashim Thaçi and Ivica Dacic and has also given her support for other high level state meetings, that will provide for our better future and will help towards the stability of the region.
President of the Republic of Kosovo stated that the institutions of our country have shown their readiness for a proper dialogue and for the implementation of the agreements reached which must be guaranteed by EU and must be respected and implemented by both sides.  Madam President reiterated that the leaders and institutions of Kosovo are dedicated to a successful dialogue process regardless of difficulties encountered so far, proving thus their dedication towards building of good neighbourly policies, policies which will help Kosovo, Serbia and at the same time the whole of our region towards a smoother integration in EU, as independent and sovereign countries, in peace with each other.

By considering the Ahtisaari Plan to be the best way for the integration of the Serbian community, President Jahjaga explained that this plan has shown results in most parts of the Republic of Kosovo and it guarantees the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the country.
Madam President said that she welcomes the EU’s dedication towards Kosovo’s territorial integrity, as underlined in the Feasibility Study report.

President of the Republic said that the illegal and criminal structures in the three northern municipalities of Kosovo continue to remain an obstacle to the development of this part and that the Republic of Serbia must cease its support for these structures and must abolish them.

Madam President emphasized the fact that Kosovo is a state built on civic principles where each individual and community enjoys their rights.

 United Kingdom’s Foreign Secretary, Mr. William Hague, stated that United Kingdom is a friend and partner of Kosovo and that it will continue to help Kosovo in consolidation of its statehood. He praised the Feasibility Study report for Kosovo and emphasized the support of the United Kingdom for the initiation of the Stabilisation-Association Agreement dialogue. Foreign secretary Hague also stipulated the necessity for the continuation of the reforms in Kosovo, particularly those of the field of Constitutional and Electoral reform and rule of law, as well as expansion of the fight against corruption and organised crime.

Foreign Secretary also said that President Jahjaga has played an important role in the fighting of corruption through the establishment of the National Anti-Corruption Council and is continuing to play a great role as a factor of unity of all the citizens of the country.

United Kingdom’s Foreign Secretary stated that the EU’s enlargement process to include all the Balkan countries, inclusive of Kosovo, is of a great importance for all of Europe and stipulated that the map of South-Eastern Europe has already taken its final shape.

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