President Jahjaga received General Frank Grass, Chief of the US National Guard Bureau

President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga, received today the Chief of the US National Guard Bureau, General Frank Grass, with whom she discussed the security situation in Kosovo and Kosovo’s aspiration to become a NATO member.

President Jahjaga informed General Grass with the process of the transformation of the Kosovo Security Force into Kosovo Armed Forces, as a necessity stemming from the all encompassing study of the security sector of the Republic of Kosovo, in compliance with the interests, orientation and the vision of the citizens and of institutions of the country, in order to conclude the consolidation of the sovereignty of Kosovo and to become contributor to the offering of security and become part of the trans-Atlantic security infrastructure.

President Jahjaga stated that Republic of Kosovo is playing an important role in confrontation of regional and global challenges, and has become an important partner in addressing of issues such as violent extremism, as well a promoter of regional cooperation in the field of security.

Madam President thanked General Grass for the exceptional contribution of the US National Guard, whose members have for many years been a part of the KFOR Peacekeeping Force in Kosovo and a strong partner of the professionalization and training of the KSF.

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