President Jahjaga placed wreaths at the grave of Fan Noli

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga, in the framework of trip to the USA, placed wreaths at the grave of the patriot, publicist and Albanian writer, Fan Stilian Noli, in the graveyard of Boston.

President Jahjaga held a brief address beside the grave of the famous Albanian patriot Fan Noli which we fully give below:

I am honored to be here today as President of the Republic of Kosovo, to lay a hand of flowers on the grave of Fan Stilian Noli, this patriot, who devoted his entire life to the national cause, working for the educational, cultural and general development of the Albanians wherever they are, being the fervent initiator and activist of our everlasting friendship with the United States of America

We remember Noli as one of the founders and heads of the patriotic association “Vatra”, the publication of the newspaper “Dielli”, but also for the major act of establishing the Albanian Orthodox Autocephalous Church.

We remember with piety, besides the political activity, in particular the activity of Noli in Albanian letters, poems, plays, sketches and studies that have remained part of our cultural heritage. Remembering here also the important musicological activity and especially the art of translation where Noli made the works of the classics of world literature speak Albanian and to be at the original artistic level.

I commend you – America’s Albanians, you who with you heart and soul are with the birthplace, for all your contribution you give here (in America) in the cradle of democracy for your commitment so that we can have the support and assistance of the United States of America, for us to be taught and to be inspired with the ideas of democracy and state building.

The Albanian diaspora in America had, has and will have a special role for our future and for the path of Euro-Atlantic integration.

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga, also laid a wreath at the place where previously the bones of the distinguished activist Faik Konica rested, in the graveyard of Boston.

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