President Jahjaga laid an Iftar (fast breaking meal) table

President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga, laid an Iftar table in honour of the Holy month of Ramadan.

Attending the iftar dinner were leaders of the Islamic Community of Kosovo, Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Members of Kosovo Parliament as well as Ambassadors accredited to Kosovo.

The Mufti of Kosovo, Mr. Naim Tërnava, thanked President Jahjaga for the Iftar meal and spoke in relation to the importance of the month of Ramadan.

During an address to the participants, Madam President said:

Honourable Mufti Tërnava,

Honourable Imams,

Honourable participants,

I have invited you at this iftar meal as a sign of respect and honour, as a sign of institutional attentiveness towards faith, in respect of the norms and traditions of Islam in our lands.

I would like that this Iftar, laid symbolically, becomes traditional – as a will of all of us who are building our state together, and our society, based on equality and respect for the elected institutions of our state.

I thank you for your participation and attendance, and I wish that we fare the month of Ramadan at peace with ourselves initially, in harmony and understanding with others and provide help and care for all the needy ones.

During this month one strengthens the faith through attempts of self purification and sharing of goods with each other.

May we spend this glorious month with our families, our friends and relatives, our neighbours, and utilise the virtue given to all humans by God, to commit good deeds.

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