President Jahjaga awarded Lieutenant General Kadri Kastrati with the “Order of Independence”

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Madam Atifete Jahjaga received today the commander of the Kosovo Security Force, Lieutenant General Kadri Kastrati, whom she awarded the “Order of Independence”.

At the ceremony organized on this occasion also present were the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Mr. Isa Mustafa, the Minister of the Kosovo Security Force, Mr. Haki Demolli, and other officials of the KSF.
President Jahjaga thanked Lieutenant General Kadri Kastrati, on the completion of his office as commander of the KSF, for his many years of commitment in the building of this example institution of the Republic of Kosovo.

She said that Lieutenant General Kastrati is concluding this task, leaving behind himself a professional institution, ready to take its responsibilities in ensuring national security, which includes in itself the values and ideals of the Republic of Kosovo and our aspiration to be part of the Euro-Atlantic security infrastructure.

“Under your leadership we have seen the KSF rise above every challenge, empower and pass physical barriers, by extending the hand of aid to every citizen. You have given valuable contribution for the construction of the vision for the future of the KSF and the transformation of this force in the Kosovo Armed Forces, a responsibility which remains to be implemented by your descendants”, said President Jahjaga.

Further to the ceremony, about the role and the given contribution in service of our country, in the strengthening and consolidation of the citizenship of the Republic of Kosovo and the construction of this pillar institution of our country, President Jahjaga awarded Lieutenant General Kadri Kastrati with the Order of Independence.

From his part, Mr. Kastrati thanked President Jahjaga for the appreciation about his work, he thanked the soldiers, the NCOs and officers of the KSF, the Minister of the KSF, for their continuous support for the development and transformation of the KSF.

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