The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga, on the occasion of the Day of the Missing, visited the municipality of Gjakova, where she firstly visited the family of Ferdonije Çerkezi, whose husband and four sons are still missing and then she put flowers on the graves in Çabrat. In the accompaniment of the President during her visit to the Çerkezi family, was the mayor of Gjakova, Pal Lekaj, members of the Government Committee for Missing and family associations of missing persons. Mrs. Ferdonije Çerkezi thanked the President for her visit and for her support and commitment on the issue of missing persons. She urged the adoption of the law of the missing.

While addressing the head of the family Çerkezi, President Jahjaga, during her visit in this family, said she would commit herself in resolving the fate of the missing. In her speech the President said:

“We all feel the pain with you. You lost family, lost loved ones. Only faith in God, only faith that in this temporary life we don’t have them anymore, your and our loved ones, but the  fact that in eternal life we will all be together in the love of God, comforts us. The world has not begun and ended with us. There were people from the foundation of the world; there have been major tragedies where not only families but also nations are extinguished. We can not explain and can not know the mystery of the world. But we have faith in man, we have faith in good deeds, in sincerity and dedication,” she said.

“We have the confidence that for Kosovo state, for Kosovo free and independent, our people over the years and through the centuries has given many victims, many lives are sacrificed for this Fatherland. This is why we ought to love our country, for this we ought to love and help each other, for this we ought to work day and night with honesty and dedication so that such tragedies never again happen to our people. By working well, being all together, helping each other, we can prevent evil,” said President Jahjaga.

“I give you my word, that with all my soul, with all my being, I shall work to resolve the fate of all missing. I will commit myself that each martyr, each victim will have a place to rest, where he can be remembered and lamented, honoring and remembering them that this freedom, this independence was not won easily. This should serve as a starting point for each task we start, for everything we do. I promise that I will do everything possible that justice be put in place and that those who committed crimes be brought to court, punished for the terrible deeds they have done. This is the only way to move forward, to establish peace and stability in the region. Only in this way we can build the future and achieve reconciliation,” said President Jahjaga.

“Respected Madam Çerkezi, you have kept yourself strong and are giving us strength. With this gesture you have become an example for Kosovo to remember and never to forget. I bow before the sacrifice of my people, bow before the sacrifice of your family. I honor and remember all the martyrs in each step that I make as President of my country. My will, my honor, my courage derive from the deeds of the Kosovo martyrs,” said President Jahjaga during her visit to the Çerkezi family.

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