President Atifete Jahjaga received the Honorary Consul of Albania to Lebanon, Mr. Marc Ghorayeb

President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga, received at a meeting today the Honorary Consul of Republic of Albania to Lebanon, Mr. Marc Ghorayeb, accompanied by Mr. Georges Fayyad, a Lebanese businessman.

The Honorary Consul of Albania to Lebanon, Mr. Ghorayeb, informed the President about the activities being undertaken in relation to the recognition of the independence of Kosovo by Lebanon, as an important country in the Middle-Eastern region. Mr. Ghorayeb stated the fact that the Lebanese leaders are being kept informed about the progress that Kosovo has achieved in building of a democratic state, its international consolidation and advancement of democratic processes of the country.

Mr. Ghorayeb assured Madam President that he will continue to lobby in relation to the recognition of Kosovo, not only in Lebanon but in other countries of the Middle East as well.

President Jahjaga congratulated the consul on his new appointment and praised his efforts in lobbying for recognition of Kosovo by the state of Lebanon. President Jahjaga also informed Mr. Ghorayeb about the steps that Kosovo has undertaken since the end of the war in building of a democratic society and stated that Republic of Kosovo is a factor of peace and stability in the region and nurtures good neighbourly relations with all its neighbours.

Madam President also stated that the future of the country and the entire Balkan region lies in European Union and that Kosovo is determined to undertake all the necessary reforms that consolidate the state in order to bring it closer to EU.

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